An Extraordinary Life

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You would be crazy to busily polish the silverware as your house burned down. Similarly, it is insane to live a normal life in today’s world. Maybe if millions of children were not malnourished, maybe if torture were not commonplace around the globe, maybe if species and entire ecosystems were not dying, maybe if genocide were forever gone, maybe if all the injustices I’ve chronicled in these pages did not exist—maybe then the “normal” life presented us would be sane. Maybe then it would make sense to absorb ourselves in professional sports, soap operas, the stock market, material acquisition, and the lives of celebrities. Given the reality of the world today though, the only life that makes sense to live is an extraordinary life.

— Charles Eisenstein, visionary & philosopher (from the book “Ascent of Humanity“)

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Look Deeper


An Invitation To Ask Questions

This contemplation by Andreas is an invitation to ask questions. As we become conscious of the consequences of our collective carelessness, questions such as “What can I give?” can help us to steady and deepen our motivation to practice.

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