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Auf Deeply Human vermitteln wir einen lebensnahen Praxisweg der Meditation und Reflexion. Wir versuchen dabei eine Form und Sprache zu finden, die für unsere heutige Zeit angemessen ist. In diesem Audiobeitrag skizziert Nils die grundlegenden Aspekte der Praxis.

Nils Schmalenbach

Many people turn to the topic of meditation through crisis situations—and so did I. During a life crisis in 2001, I started to meditate. In 2017, I completed a Mindfulness Teacher Training (MBSR) together with Andreas and have since given classes in different contexts. I feel very fortunate to be able to do this work. Frequently, I’m astonished about the healing effects of practicing with others and about the continuous unfolding and deepening of my own practice. Life is infinitely creative and knows no endpoints.
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