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Cultural Transformers – Exploring Ways into a Future Worth Living

The documentary-series “Cultural Transformers – Exploring Ways Into a Future Worth Living” portraits inspiring people who actively shape a cultural transformation, characterized by cooperation, humanity and sustainable thinking.

Rob Burbea

Rob Burbea is one of the major inspirations for Deeply Human! He was the author of the groundbreaking meditation practice book entitled "Seeing That Frees: Meditations on Emptiness and Dependent Arising"—one of the main resources for our own practice and teaching of meditation. In 2020, Rob died from pancreatic cancer.

Heart Qualities – a Conversation with Lila Kimhi

How can qualities of the heart—such as friendliness, compassion, trust etc. manifest in our life? What other helpful potentials are interconnected with our heart qualities? How can a practice of meditation and contemplation help us accessing these potentials?

Inspiring Documentaries about Meditation

This is our growing selection of inspiring documentaries about meditation.


Exploring Obstructive Beliefs

Over the course of our lifetime, we accumulate many strategies to deal with the complex situations we encounter. Some of these strategies might still be helpful, while others are obstructive and outdated. The problem is, even if we have noticed unhealthy patterns within us, it is not enough to just know about them intellectually. This practice explores obstructive beliefs, in order to challenge and transform them.
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