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Inspiring Documentaries about Meditation

This is our growing selection of inspiring documentaries about meditation.

Walk With Me


A community of Zen Buddhist monks and nuns learn from the world-famous monk, writer and poet Thích Nhất Hạnh. The group lives without personal possessions and put their lives at the service of one goal: to overcome suffering. It is a strange world, observed by the directors Marc Francis and Max Pugh, in which hardly anything reminds of the everyday life of western countries.

Amongst White Clouds


Amongst White Clouds provides insights into the lives of Buddhist disciples and masters who have retreated to the seclusion of the Zhongnan Mountains in China. Hermits are said to have been in this mountain region since the time of the Yellow Emperor about five thousand years ago. It was generally believed that tradition was almost wiped out – but the film wonderfully proves us otherwise.

Look Deeper


Books About Meditation

There’s an overwhelming variety of literature about meditation available today. However, instead of presenting you a long list of books, we have selected the ones which are essential to us. Although from different angles, all of these writings dive deeply into the exploration of the meditator’s experience.

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