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Heart Qualities – a Conversation with Lila Kimhi

How can qualities of the heart—such as friendliness, compassion, trust etc. manifest in our life? What other helpful potentials are interconnected with our heart qualities? How can a practice of meditation and contemplation help us accessing these potentials?

Mind creates the abyss, the heart crosses it.

Nisargadatta Maharji, indian sage, 1897-1981 Tweet

About Lila

Lila Kimhi was born in Israel and later on lived in the US and Paris. She studied psychology, journalism, indian philosophy and Sanskrit. In 1998, she left her former life to study meditation and nondual teachings in depth in India and Thailand. She started teaching in 2004 at the invitation of Christopher Titmuss. Since then, she shares the practice of meditation and offers guidance in retreats in Germany, Israel and abroad.

Insight Retreat with Lila Kimhi

It is immeasurable to learn directly from experienced meditators. Their depth of experience can support us in our practice a lot. Hopefully in June 2021, Lila Kimhi will be leading an insight meditation retreat at Pauenhof. Highly recommended!

Nils Schmalenbach

Many people turn to the topic of meditation through crisis situations—and so did I. During a life crisis in 2001, I started to meditate. In 2017, I completed a Mindfulness Teacher Training (MBSR) together with Andreas and have since given classes in different contexts. I feel very fortunate to be able to do this work. Frequently, I’m astonished about the healing effects of practicing with others and about the continuous unfolding and deepening of my own practice. Life is infinitely creative and knows no endpoints.
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