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Rob Burbea

Rob Burbea is one of the major inspirations for Deeply Human! We are deeply grateful for his life and work. Rob was a meditation teacher, musician and author who taught at Gaia House in Devon, England. He is the author of the groundbreaking meditation practice book entitled "Seeing That Frees: Meditations on Emptiness and Dependent Arising"—one of the main resources for our own practice and teaching of meditation. In May 2020, Rob died after several years of suffering from pancreatic cancer.

In knowing fully the thorough voidness of this and that, of then and now, of there and here, this heart opens, over and over in joy, in awe and release. Free itself, it knows the essential freedom in everything.

Rob Burbea, Seeing That Frees Tweet

In this episode of the Deconstructing Yourself Podcast, host Michael Taft speaks with Rob Burbea about Rob’s book, Seeing That Frees, the power of perception (ways of seeing), his creative methods of working with meditation practice, meditating with a more analytical vs more phenomenological focus, how analytical meditation works, Rob’s “soulmaking dharma,” the emptiness of conceptual frameworks, facing the end of life, and the meaning of emptiness.

This book goes deep! Rob Burbea describes in great depth and detail the experiences and insights one can have in meditation. At first glance, emptiness might seem like an arbitrary buddhist concept, when in fact it can be a corner stone in understanding human experience more deeply. We use Seeing that Frees mainly as a workbook for all kinds of questions related to practice. Although you don’t have to consider yourself a Buddhist to benefit from this book, a basic understanding of buddhist terminology is certainly helpful.

Rob’s collection of talks on covers a wide range of topics and leads meditators into the depths of human experience.

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There’s an overwhelming variety of literature about meditation available today. However, instead of presenting you a long list of books, we have selected the ones which are essential to us. Although from different angles, all of these writings dive deeply into the exploration of the meditator’s experience.

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