Inner Growth & Cultural Transformation

Inner Growth& Cultural Transformation

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To meet todays unprecedented challenges, we are required to mature into a more conscious and whole life. That means waking up individually and coming together in more enlightened collectives.

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Essentials .

Deeply Human is all about inner growth and cultural transformation. But what exactly does this mean? Here’s a collection of essential writings to give you a better idea.

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Inner Growth and Cultural Transformation

In this essential contemplation, we explore the connections between inner growth and a deeply rooted cultural transformation.

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Introduction into the Way of Meditation & Contemplation

The path of self-enquiry or self-exploration has a long tradition in different cultures. It arrives in our modern time and age in the form of the mindfulness movement. We want to go a step further and connect personal with cultural development.

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Resources for Meditators

We have compiled a list of individuals and initiatives that offer a variety of meditation resources. Most teachings with a certain depth are still to be found within a Buddhist context (Dharma). However, the listed Dharma teachers have a secular orientation.

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An Invitation To Ask Questions

This contemplation by Andreas is an invitation to ask questions. As we become conscious of the consequences of our collective carelessness, questions such as “What can I give?” can help us to steady and deepen our motivation to practice.


The Structure of Practice

Inner growth leads to a harmonization of intellectual and somatic (bodily) intelligence. In this life-encompassing practice, we learn with body, mind and heart. On Deeply Human you can find short impulses for in between, hands-on meditation instructions, in-depth contemplations on various topics and heart-opening inspirations for cultural transformers. The layout of this website aims to reflect and support the structure of practice.

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About Us

Deeply Human is created by Andreas Frickinger and Nils Schmalenbach. What we communicate is based on a lively, down-to-earth practice of meditation and mindfulness, paired with deep reflection and big question marks. We want to share our experiences to help others in their own developmental processes.

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