The World is Us

Exploring Ways Into a Future Worth Living

The World is Us

Exploring Ways Into a Future Worth Living

What kind of world do we want to live in?

The documentary "The World is Us – Exploring Ways Into a Future Worth Living" portraits inspiring people who actively shape a cultural transformation, characterized by self-reflexion, humanity and sustainable thinking.

Documentary, 95min
Planned Theatrical Release: Autumn 2021
Produced & Directed by: Andreas Frickinger
Interviews: Melike Frickinger
Co-Producer: Carsten Schuffert
Editing: Gregory Schuchmann

The complex social and ecological crises of our time show us more and more clearly the necessity of a profound cultural transformation. How can we explore ways into a future worth living? How can we develop a new cultural story? How can we, as humanity, use this essential crisis to develop ourselves both individually and as a society? How are these two developments interconnected?

In order to find answers to these questions, the documentary “The World is Us – Exploring Ways Into a Future Worth Living” portrays inspiring people who bring new ways of thinking and doing to life. The film is about people who are actively involved in shaping a cultural transformation characterized by self-reflexion, humanity and sustainable thinking. 

The focus lies on the question: How is inner growth—especially by means of deceleration, mindfulness and more conscious experience—related to cultural and societal change?

To meet todays unprecedented challenges, we are required to mature into a more conscious and whole life. That means waking up individually and coming together in more enlightened collectives.


The Filmmakers

The World is Us 30

Andreas Frickinger

Producer • Director

Andreas has acquired a wealth of knowledge through his studies in audiovisual media and his many years of work in the field of visual effects. “The World is Us”  is his first documentary.

The World is Us 31

Carsten Schuffert

Co-Producer • Postproduction Supervisor

Carsten is managing director of the sustainable post production facility Bewegte Bilder Medien GmbH. He will accompany the project as co-producer and postproduction supervisor.

The World is Us 32

Melike Frickinger

Assistant Director • Interviews

Melike is actually an accomplished speech therapist, but dared to embark on the adventure of documentary filmmaking. She is now successfully overseeing the film as an assisting director and interview partner.

The World is Us 33

Gregory Schuchmann


Without Gregory, it would have been impossible to condense 75 hours of film footage into a movie that emerges the viewer into the lives of our protagonists for just a little under 100 minutes.

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Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein is a visionary, public speaker and the author of several books. His work has been highly influential for us. In a time of social and ecological crisis, what can we as individuals do to make the world a better place? From a variety of angles, he explores humanity’s transition from separation to interbeing.

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